The Ultimate Guide To DIWALI among Covid Restrictions

Peel Residents feel a pinch on Diwali as the Govt. has tightened restrictions and put Peel under the Red zone following COVID protocols and health guidelines.

The Ultimate Guide To DIWALI among Covid Restrictions

Peel Residents feel a pinch on Diwali as the Govt. has tightened restrictions and put Peel under the Red zone following COVID protocols and health guidelines.

Peel district has gone under stricter measures than red zone effective today, Monday, November 9/ Health ministry has announced more testing centers will open in Brampton starting tomorrow. Residents of Peel should not visit any other household or allow visitors to their homes or yards, except for emergency reasons, including medical and repairs, renovations or construction, deliveries, and one-on-one tutoring. The gyms are told to ditch group classes and if necessary they shouldn't allow walk-ins but register people online for contact tracing and follow the health guidelines.

Peel is currently announcing the highest number of COVID cases in the country, seeing the growing number the Govt. has appealed to the residents to cancel Diwali parties and gatherings. New Covid-19 directives for Peel Regions will be effective November 9th to be revised every 14 days include, including no social gatherings in businesses, wedding receptions have been canceled until Jan. 7 while in-person religious services are exceptional. No mixed seating in bars/ restaurants, non-essentials visitors are no longer allowed in workplaces. Banquet Halls and event spaces will no longer be allowed to host any events for the next 2 weeks. Residents are not allowed to welcome any guests to the household during Diwali and the following next 2 weeks.

How can you still entertain amongst the COVID restrictions in place?

Diwali is the largest festival in the Indian community and the Peel region is filled with Indian people, tightening the restrictions during Diwali can cause depression amongst residents. How can we make sure to entertain ourselves and engage with the rest of the family and friends? Regardless of which some portion of the world you have a place with and are observing Diwali during COVID. Here are some tips: -

  1. Engage your kids with Diwali Crafts: Most of the kids are ongoing online learning and parents are working from home. Why not engage the kids after work and school hours with some exciting Diwali crafts. Buy the essentials from Dollar store, Walmart, or Michaels and get creative. There are tons of Diwali crafts available online on YouTube and Pinterest, time to get into DIYs, choose 1-2 crafts a day, paint diyas, and enjoy with them. Here are a few tips: -

2. Teach your kids your traditions of Diwali: Every Indian household has different traditions on Diwali, from East to West from North to South, people wear diverse attires, cook selected range of foods, why not take time to explain it to your future generation this season. Tell them stories about your childhood and explain your Diwali traditions back home.

3. Cook with your family: Cooking savories is fundamentally important on Diwali, loads of sumptuous delicacies are made days before Diwali following the main day of Lakshmi Puja. You mostly buy sweets, how about trying some home following your favorite chefs from YouTube this Diwali? It will be so much fun, create a list of ingredients with your children, and include them in the process, you will undoubtedly bring cheer to their little faces. Here are a few suggestions: -

4. Make Rangoli: Never made rangoli coz of your driving schedules, no problems. Use this pandemic year to learn new rangoli designs and decorate your entrance with beautiful vibrant rangoli.

5. Declutter: Decluttering is as important as eating a good meal on Diwali. Use your free time to declutter your home and include your children, teach them about the significance of cleaning homes on Diwali.

6. Buy new clothes and fireworks: Buy new traditional outfits and sparkles and teach your kids the value of dressing up in Indian clothing, illuminate diyas, and light sparkles in the backyard. Take time to have a photoshoot at home, create memories, and share pictures and videos with family back home so they don't miss their grandchildren or loved ones.

7. Play online Teen Patti with friends and family: Playing card holds significance in some Indian families. So what if parties and gatherings are not allowed, get into any online platform and play Teen Patti online with your friends and family. Dress up and share laughs online, and you can e-transfer the money to whoever wins.

You can either whine about the system and current situation or innovate new ideas to entertain your families and friends with the advantage you currently have. We are so blessed to have the technology, back in the time, people spent lockdown just without anything so we can certainly sail through this and hopefully next year will be filled with happy moments.