Toronto educator, Kalpana Vaze launches children book on Amazon

Kaplana's book, "The Allergens are rejected," is available for purchase in 13 countries worldwide. In Canada, you can order the hard copy of her book on

Toronto educator, Kalpana Vaze launches children book on Amazon

Canada has been an attractive destination for Indians for a very long time. People come here in search of their dreams and to provide better lives to their children. Starting life from scratch, surrounded by unknown people, you miss the family's tender love and support back home. Indo-Canadian Club applauds the Indians who have not only restarted their livelihood in the foreign land but made an impact in society.

Today, we are introducing you to Kalpana Vaze, who landed on Canadian soil in 2001. She didn't just recreate career opportunities for her but is inspiring others with the new book launch. People like Kalapana Ji have inspired the new immigrants and all of us that Age is just a number; if you are motivated and passionate about what you do, there are no limits. Her book, "The Allergens are rejected," is available for purchase in 13 countries worldwide. In Canada, you can order the hard copy of her book on from being an educator, Kalpana sits on the board of WICCI.

Being an educator for almost 2 decades, her inspiration comes from her children and students, and she's planning to write Health-related books children and parents. She also plans to venture into blogging and storytelling. We wish her all the best in her new excursion of life.

When did you arrive in Canada?

I immigrated to Canada with my family in the summer of 2001. My son joined York University, and my daughter was pursuing Fashion Designing. My husband came here to become a pilot, but after 9/11, that was not remotely possible. It became all more necessary for me to get a job sooner. In the meantime, while I was busy upgrading my qualifications, my husband and son took up jobs and supported us. Since I was a teacher back home, I decided to pursue my career in the same field.

Luckily, my husband had a friend who worked for TDSB, the registration process became apparent. In September 2002, I was hired as an occasional teacher with the Peel District School Board. As a newcomer to Canada, there were many challenges to overcome. I am very thankful to many people who helped and guided me along the way and encouraged me to keep going.

What career path you chose that brought you here to Book Publishing?

I did not take up teaching to become a children's book writer. Instead, it is a bi-product of what I do daily. While teaching and reading books to students every day, I observed what kind of books really interest young readers.

In addition, when I could not find books to read on a particular topic, I would tell my library teacher that I would write a book one day. Sure enough, I could not find books on food allergies in our library, and I decided to write one. I met Susmita Dutta from Global Book Publishing, who made it possible to publish my book.

What can readers expect in the forthcoming years?

In the future, I plan to continue writing for children, mainly about Health-related topics. I already have an idea for my next book. I also plan to conduct informative health-related workshops for children and parents. Storytelling is what I love to do. The adverse time we live in has given me the perfect opportunity to engage in a dialogue with parents and children about self-care. I never thought of the commercial aspects of the book business. However, as the book was published, I received encouraging feedback from people about the possibilities that are out there. I am now looking into extending this work to mini books, storytelling, videos, blogging, etc. This book has given me recognition as an author. Others appreciate my creativity, and I feel more connected with my audience. It has given me confidence that my new ventures will benefit many people and be successful.

Have you written any other books in the past?

No, I have not written any other books in the past, but recently, my poem was published in a poetry collection about mental health issues. I taught Health to primary students. Besides, I looked for books on allergies in the school library. To my surprise, I could not find any books on the particular topic. When I searched for books to order and saw the content of some of the books, it occurred to me that I could also try writing a book that kids can relate to. I have witnessed firsthand how scary food allergies can be, especially for young ones. I wanted to get the message across in a playful way.

My readers are going to get a beautifully illustrated, colorful book. They will love the Allergens because they speak like human beings and express emotions, which children can relate to. My readers will also learn that it is okay to seek help when you are in doubt.

What message would you like to give to aspiring writers?

I just want to say to aspiring writers that it is never too late to put your pen to paper. If you genuinely have a message to share, don't stop. Each one of us has at least one story to tell others.

Where can people buy your book? Is it available online?

My book, "The Allergens are rejected,"is available for purchase in 13 countries worldwide. In Canada, you can get a hard copy of my book

About me

I have been an educator for over two decades. Before coming to Canada, I taught in India for a while. When my children were little, I joined their school as a teacher in the early nineties. As a mother of two, it was challenging to find bedtime stories to read to them as I lived in India's remote areas. My husband's job entailed being transferred from one base to another every couple of years, as it was part of military life. At one particular place where my children were schooling, the school was forty kilometers away, and the only safe mode of transportation was an army truck.

The region was known for militant insurgencies at that time. There would be power outages daily, and candlelight and the light emitted by glowworms was too weak for reading anything. As a result, cooking up a new story every day and make it enjoyable for my kids became a habit.

Having traveled and lived in unique places was an enriching experience. Adapting to new cultures gave me real-life opportunities to observe people and know their stories.

Written by :- Vandana Bhatt