Karwa Chauth in Canada, its origin and tips

This year temples have organized virtual pooja for Karwa Chauth through their YouTube channel. If you're in Halton, you can access Vaishno Devi Temple's YouTube channel, the pooja timings are from 4-5 pm and 6-7 pm on November 3rd, 2020.

Karwa Chauth in Canada, its origin and tips

Karwa Chauth in Canada will be celebrated on 3rd November 2020 and November 4th this year in India. Globalization has taken the merriments of Karwa Chauth across the ocean, a festival that began from a little district of Punjab in Northern India to now over celebrated worldwide. The primary fascination of applying henna and getting all spruced up to celebrate with companions has captivated young ladies everywhere in the Indian community for quite a long time, not only in India but abroad. Bollywood movies have additionally been an extraordinary wellspring to charming young ladies to pursuit Karwa Chauth. Indian temples across Canada host prayers in the evenings. Women bedazzled in flamboyant sparkling sarees, lehengas, and heavy suits, bragging on their substantial adornments and cosmetics, sit in circles and rotate enlivened plates loaded up with earthen lights, desserts, nuts, and fruits. The reverberation of the priest recounting the stories of Karwa Chauth and mantras fills the space. There are several groups of 10 in circles at one time and the supplications are booked at regular intervals to coordinate everybody's schedule.

The celebration originated and came to be commended uniquely in the northwestern piece of the Indian subcontinent, including urban areas of Lahore, Multan. Karwa Chauth is generally celebrated in Northern India. One theory is that military missions were regularly led by men in far-away places whereby men would leave their spouses and youngsters at home to head out to the war. Their spouses would regularly appeal to God for their sheltered return.

Karwa Chauth is a conventional Hindu celebration where ladies fast from dawn to moonrise for their significant other's life span, flourishing, and great wellbeing. The celebration falls during the Krishna Paksha Chaturthi in the month of Kartik. Married ladies who fast, rise promptly in the first part of the day and eat Sargi given to them by their mother in law. It is considered as a gift from the relative to the daughter-in-law so she can finish her fast effectively. The fast of Karwa Chauth is a nirjala vrat (fast without food and water) and sargi is the main thing that ladies eat at the sunrise until moonrise. Ladies experience the day without burning-through a drop of water or a piece of food, possibly breaking it when the moon is located. While the excitement levels are unrivaled and ladies make incredible arrangements to stamp this day, the main portion of the celebration is following the ceremonies which include the standard sargi and breaking of the fast.

If you'll be fasting for the first time for Karwa Chauth this year or you are searching for a couple of tips to keep the quick in a more advantageous manner which doesn't worry you, here is help. Here is a rundown of nourishments that one must remember for their sargi thali:

Seasonal Fruits

Organic products have high-water content and as the vrat is nirjala (without water), gobbling new natural products can help compensate for the loss of hydration. Citrus fruits are an absolute necessity have alongside other new natural products.

Dry Fruits

Brimming with supplements and energy, dry natural products are a basic piece of practically a wide range of diets. You can have a small bunch of cashews, almonds, raisins, and pistachios.


Coconut is stuffed with supplements, settles glucose, and keeps you hydrated.


Sewaiyaan is a fundamental piece of sargi because it keeps you full and lively for the day.

Prepared food

You can have two rotis with a basic sabji. You can likewise eat stuffed parantha that numerous ladies like to eat during Sargi. It will save you more full for the remainder of the day.


It is viewed as dubious to begin your day with something sweet. Eating sweet consistently lifts your temperament, which certainly helps you to continue with their day.

The perfect time to eat sargi?

As sargi is the pre-day break feast, it ought to be devoured before dawn. Ladies awaken around 3 4 am because they need to shower and set up their meal. The vast majority of them eat their sargi before 5 am. Numerous ladies like to have it with other ladies who are fasting in their homes.

What is sargi?

Sargi is the fundamental pre-first light supper that all married ladies who fast, eat before they start the day.

Significant customs to remember on Karwa Chauth

- The sargi, which a relative provides for her daughter-in-law isn't simply standard yet it additionally contains food that you eat in the first part of the, prior day dawn. Since you are not just permitted to eat once, to stay away from migraines, discombobulation, it is critical to eat right.

- Try to remember nourishments rich in protein and complex carbs in the first part of the day time. These take somewhat longer to process and keeps you full for more, dealing with your cravings for food also.

- While prashad regularly incorporates desserts and salted things like matthi, don't go over the edge with your guilty pleasures. These can cause you to feel bloated. Attempt to eat an assortment of nuts, legumes, and yogurt instead.

- Drink as much water as possible, before the sunrise. Dehydration can build the danger of creating migraines and weariness, which can deplete and debilitate you. Natural product juices are likewise a supportive addition.

- Women fasting for Karwa Chauth ought to likewise not use scissors, needles, or knives in the food arrangements either. Avoid making spicy food as well.

- To evade odds of developing acidity, drinking espresso and tea ought to stay away from.

- Since the day expects you to fast for a longer period, ladies are commonly encouraged to not engage themselves in exhausting exercises. Attempt to divert yourself or keep yourself occupied with exercises in the daytime.

- For pregnant ladies, the fast can be more distressing than expected. If your family takes into consideration, you can decide to have a lightfast, which permits you to have milk and fast as the day progressed.

- After breaking the fast and completing the pooja, don't attempt to swallow down the food immediately. A decent tip is to have a glass of water first and gradually eat your food.

- In particular, the day praises ladies and subsequently, comfort is vital. Try not to exhaust yourself and enjoy the festivities of Kawa Chauth!

Happy Karwa Chauth!