Survey Results:- Over 30% Canadians are very unlikely to take the Flu Shot this year amongst Covid19 scare.

“The flu shot is not to prevent COVID-19. It’s so people with the flu don’t end up needing to be hospitalized and taking up beds that people with COVID-19 may need. The goal is to keep the hospitalization rate lower”.

Survey Results:- Over 30% Canadians are very unlikely to take the Flu Shot this year amongst Covid19 scare.

Coronavirus is still around us and with the appearance of Flu season, another peril is concerning individuals. The question is to take it or not? Numerous individuals take influenza shots year by year and some reject it. There are theories that individuals will be more intrigued to get influenza shots this year regardless of whether they didn't prior. The Government has requested a large number of shots to be conveyed at the drug stores, neighbourhood facilities, and even nearby drives.

Indo-Canadian Club contacted over 500 Canadian Individuals and Familiesto see how COVID will affect their choices this year. This review will analyze what percentage of individuals will be prepared to take Flu shots.So far, we have received a mixed response. Medical care providers insist that face-covering or masks play a vital role in controlling the spread of the infection. They likewise cautioned about a 'pandemic exhaustion' that appears to have set in as inhabitants bring down their guards. Numerous individuals accept, they ought to build up their resistance to battle the microorganisms and our bodies are well prepared to do it. Some try not to stress over it and proceed with prescriptions and infusions to keep them going.

October welcomes influenza and sensitivity season, this year when residents are confronting the subsequent wave and the cases are rising exponentially. Individuals are stressed over their elderly parents, small kids, friends, and family who are vulnerable. Seniors and individuals with preimmune conditions are generally in danger. Pregnant ladies and children under one year dread the risk. The first wave saw positive cases amongst the seniors. A large portion of the passing because of COVID occurred at Senior Care Centres. While the new wave is recording positive cases originating from individuals under 40. Kids can be transporters however they don't have genuine effects from COVID Virus, yet they may give it to their folks and grandparents at home.


65% of individuals concurred, it's imaginable they will proceed to make seasonal influenza efforts this fall? 4% were uncertain and 30% declined even in the wake of seeing the risk of COVID.

The reasons contrast for everyone, Flu shots work for Influenza and COVID is some other microorganisms that may not be forestalled by Flu shots.

"I have elderly parents at their homes, and they wouldnt put them at risk".

"I have a year-old baby. Her Safety is all I am concerned and worried about".

"I work in long term care am worried Covid will get in, also worried about my boyfriend who has several comorbidities".

"We need a proper Covid vaccine to be protected from the virus. I will take the flu shot so I dont get the common flu. I am a senior with compromised health. My greatest fear is getting Covid and dying".


57% percent individuals addressed they are sure at all that Flu shot can forestall Covid related side effects too. 39% said they were to some degree certain about it and just 3.3% of individuals were sure that if they have influenza shots, they will be kept from Covid too.

"The flu shot is not to prevent COVID-19. Its so people with the flu dont end up needing to be hospitalized and taking up beds that people with COVID-19 may need. The goal is to keep the hospitalization rate lower".


Out of the individuals who took the overview, 51% of individuals had Flu efforts a year ago 2019, and 49% of individuals didn't. The proportion here is 51/49, there are as yet numerous individuals who don't trust in getting the external mechanisms to work on their bodies.

"Nothing...I don't have kids but no option. Those living in fear which is a good deal of people will contract some virus and get attract what you think's that simple. Flu shots are nothing more than putting more chemicals in your body to further compromise the immune system".

"Not taking flu shot because of Covid but for a different reason".

"I will take the flu shot so I dont get the common flu".

"We do not normally get the flu shot however this year we have been talking about it. We may get it as a family this season and only because of COVID."

"When there is a Covid vaccine, that will be another conversation".

"We are not Anti-vaxers by any stretch however I like to stick with proven ones that have been carefully developed over time and when the risk outweighs the treatment".


43% of individuals are sending their children for in-person class exercises while 41% decided to have them learn on the web. The explanation here is distinctive also, to peruse more on this please observe another study we had done a month ago Survey:- Are you sending your Kids back to School?.

"How I will pay the bills! I am self-employed work is non-existent right now and now I have a son with a disability who I just pulled from school as of Monday because there was a confirmed casein his school. He cant be home alone. what now?"

"We are seniors so our concern is the severity of the symptoms, and also that our small grandchildren going to school in large class sizes and now we are not able to have them in our bubble".

People urge to have a legitimate Covid vaccine to be shielded from the infection. Some consented to take the seasonal flu shots so they don't get regular influenza. Seniors are concerned of their wellbeing. Some dread to get Covid and dying from it. Some accepted medical procedures have been delayed and more individuals will die from it and not fromCovid. Some shout to wear a mask or remain at home!

Coronavirus has horrified individuals around the globe, nobody needs to pass on, it's not worth any danger, we should play it safe. Some dread that the economy will crash and not have the option to recoup regularly setting us into another Great Depression. A portion of residents accuse government officials like Trump and media to make devastation and minimizing the earnestness of the malady! Many have confidence in paranoid fears and trust everything counterfeit. The media advertising up the news makes pressure, tension, and stress for some people.

Individuals are blending in swarms without any masks. This expands the positive cases and pushes Govt. to report lockdowns. It's making the enthusiastic harm on Canadians particularly youngsters and private businesses and long haul impacts our nation's obligation and the fate of our striving economy. The sway on the economy may be seen for a long time into the future.

Occupants are dismal to have not having the option to mingle. Some stress over individuals are not paying attention to it and not following the Health guildelines and protocols. 2020 is a worse year for families not being together for weddings/memorial services/birth of an infant.Seniors request youngsters to make the promise and to pay attention to the infection and not put more established citizenry in incredible danger by their insubordination. Influenza season may bring about Hospital overcrowding.

In the end, to close the survey, Flu shots are the individual selection of individuals relying upon one's present condition. There is no solid hypothesis that demonstrates that Flu shots can forestall Covid or Covid like manifestations. The best thing is to choose depending on your family and insusceptibility. Individuals who are vulnerable, elderly, and voyagers may take a gander at getting this season's flu shots.

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