Meet Chitralekha Potnis, whose achievements and accolades inspire women to realize their dreams and achieve them.

Chitralekha spent her childhood in India and now owns the Peel College of Professional Studies in Ontario, Canada.

Meet Chitralekha Potnis, whose achievements and accolades inspire women to realize their dreams and achieve them.

Education is like a seed that helps in flourishing the fate of people. On the other hand, teachers are curators who sow the premise of information in the tiny minds, recognize the abilities of every student, and lead them towards the path of success. Education showed us the world past the skies and oceans. Mata(mother), Pita(father), Guru(teacher), Devata (God), in Indian culture, we put teachers before God as educators are the ones who show us the path to the divine. We introduce you to Chitralekha Potnis who heart calling was to be a teacher from the very beginning. Chitralekha comes from a group of Education pioneers and consistently longed to have her own Educational Institute (Gurukul). Chitralekha believes in positive thinking and makes the world a prominent place by serving the community with the power of Education.

Chitralekha spent her childhood in India and now claims the Peel College of Professional Studies in Ontario, Canada. She comes with almost thirty-five years of professional experience in the industry, academics, education management, and office management. She has handled the entire gamut of functions required to run an educational institute. It includes starting new courses, teaching, designing curriculum, marketing courses, and industry-institute interaction to enable students to get hands-on experience in their chosen field. Multiple Government and private organizations and several communities from India and Canada have recognized Chitralekha for her contribution to Education.

Besides her role in the field of Education, Chitralekha also takes pride in serving the community. Her work with street children on UNICEF projects is commendable. Her achievement and accolades include several nominations and awards; she has inspired women to realize their dreams and achieve them. Chitralekha currently sits on the board of WICCI as a Vice President.

Indo Canadian Club:- Tell us more about your journey in Canada, any specific moment of happiness or challenges that has left a mark on you that used in life practices?

Chitralekha:- My excursion was positive and motivating, and I believe this is because of my positive attitude towards life. I'm appreciative to this land for allowing me this chance to turn into a Women Entrepreneur and serve the local area through Education. Difficulties, if you say they are a piece of life, I have taken challenges as a learning process. My learning interaction brought about my bliss. That is opening my school Peel College of Professional Studies.

Peel College has a modern campus with contemporary facilities. The overall environment of the college endeavors to bring the best outcome of students' efforts and the teaching staff.

The college is a licensed Private Career College (PCC) running courses approved by the Ministry of Advanced Skills and Education Development (MAESD) and is listed on the Service Canada website :-

Indo Canadian Club:- As a child, what did you aspire to be? Are you in the same profession as you had envisioned?

Chitralekha:- Yes, indeed, as a youngster, I always dream about having my own Educational Institute-GuruKul. I come from a group of educators. My dad was a teacher in the famous Engineering College BITS Pilani India. The whole Education of that organization depended on Industry Institute Interaction. I grew up watching and learning the best standards of Education and the basics of serving the community in an appropriate manner. That is the correct preparation for the actual job. So I needed to have my own Educational foundation serving the local area through Education.

Indo Canadian Club:- How did the idea of starting Peel College start? Did you receive enough community support to transform your dream concept?

Chitralekha:- Yes, I had a dream of having my college. Fortunately, I received much support from my good friends, family, and community to convert my vision into reality.

Indo Canadian Club:- What is your Mantra for success? What would you like to tell the younger generation?

Chitralekha:- My Mantra is to keep working and consider that Failure leads to the path of success. I would like to pass it to the younger generation, never to give up even if you fail in any task. To be successful in life, you need to be a good student first and be ready to learn at every step. I have published 52 technical research papers in the entire globe. I am continuing further to study and research.

Indo Canadian Club:- You spend much time supporting the community; what do you think lacks in driving the force towards betterment? What do you think can bring people to come out and support each other?

Chitralekha:- Education and creating awareness to help each other and most important part is the state of mind - A positive Attitude. For a better society, we need to develop a tendency of supporting, motivating, and encouraging with a positive attitude. I tell my students and people around me to create your daily schedule to help in three tasks in a day. The thought is to build up an aiding propensity. So gradually, you will begin to build up the penchant for making a difference. Also, you emerge from a Selfish demeanour.

Indo Canadian Club:- You worked with UNICEF and many organizations in India, is there anything else you want to pursue in the near future? What would it be?

Chitralekha:- I had worked with street children on UNICEF projects. One of these projects aimed to get street children and child laborers off the streets and into school by explaining the importance of Education to the children and their parents. Another project was directed towards young girls being forced into prostitution due to poverty and destitution. The project educated the girls and the parents by making them aware of the risks of exposing girls at a young age to physical and sexual abuse and the moral decrepitude behind such actions. The aim was to explain to parents and girls the importance of empowering the girls and the importance and benefits of Education to society in general and their families in particular.

Yes, I would like to work on such projects and promote Education and save female lives by imbibing morals in their minds.

Indo Canadian Club:- Tell us more about your daily routine; what do you like to do in your free time?

Chitralekha:- I'm an exceptionally spiritual woman and God-dreading character, home-adoring, and cooking and host companions for dinners and lunches. The fundamental action is to gain some new valuable knowledge throughout everyday life. I am a good student/ decent learner. Learning should never stop. It is a consistent process.

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Written by :- Vandana Bhatt