Meet Balwinder Kaur, a teacher by profession to being a preferred driving instructor in Milton.

Bali, as called by her close friends, effectively prepares grown-ups and youth at her driving school, Excalibur Driver Education.

Meet Balwinder Kaur, a teacher by profession to being a preferred driving instructor in Milton.

Being a skilled driver requires knowledge of traffic rules, safety, and technique. Balwinder Kaur assists Miltonians to thrive on-road training effectively. Balwinder provides proficient lessons to the students to pass the driving assessments. She has a tremendous achievement rate in both youth and grown-ups. Excalibur Driver Education possesses a 5-star rating on Google with a few surveys from her understudies who vouch for her abilities. They offer MTO-approved Basic Driver Education course, individual in-car lessons, road test preparation and currently offering virtual classes to understudies willing to get a permit without further ado.

Balwinder, frequently called after the acclaimed Bollywood entertainer Divya Bharti by her school companions experienced childhood in Delhi, India. Balwinder conveys a pleasing yet solid character. An intense NCC cadet who took part in the Republic Day Parade at Raj Path, New Delhi, India, is presently an effective driving educator in Ontario. Bali, as called by her friends, effectively preparing grown-ups and youth at her driving school, Excalibur Driver Education. Balwinder's understudies vouch for her training procedures and the boost of confidence she gives to them.

Balwinder's excursion in Canada is loaded with experiences. She moved to Canada around two decades ago. She was energized yet anxious simultaneously, pondering beginning another life in another country. Moving to Canada was surprising; she had no clue about what her destiny holds. Out of nowhere, she was offered an engagement proposition and got hitched. She moved to Canada, her fantasy land, soon after a couple of months.

She was holding a teaching degree in India; however, to teach in Canada required to clear more Canadian papers. She was new to Canada and had no encounters outside her nation of origin; she needed to learn, acquire neighbourhood information and become acclimated to the new way of life. Most importantly, she landed her first position at Tim Hortons in 2001. By 2007, she turned into a mother of two kids and got busier in dealing with her family. She didn't have any second thoughts; she was occupied with valuing her sweet young kids and motherhood.

After her second child, her family chose to move to Milton, and she joined Tim Hortons to work for an additional couple of years. At some point, she understood the time had come to bid farewell to Tim Hortons. She joined a staffing office as a recruiter. Lamentably, following a couple of years, she was laid off; however, she bounced back and joined the Immigration Company in the administrative division. She was substance to be pushing ahead in her life. Yet, predetermination struck, and she was laid off once more. In the wake of being laid off for the subsequent time, she felt lost. She didn't have the foggiest idea of how and where to begin, yet she accepted that everything occurred for a superior explanation.

How did you think of becoming a Driving Instructor?

My family appreciates lengthy drives; we typically cruised all over each mid-year. As I was searching for my calling, I thought, why not become a driving teacher! These excursions motivated me since I have seen many on-street occurrences with imprudent driving, making me need to turn into an ambitious teacher. I previously had the training abilities from my first occupation in Quite a while, so I knew precisely how to educate others. In the wake of getting my permit, I worked for two driving schools. At some point, I understood that I needed to work for myself and work on my own timetable. In August 2019, I at long last opened my own driving school, Excalibur Driver Education. I was so excited to begin instructing around there and assisting Milton with turning into a protected driving space. I love Milton and love helping by taking an interest in local service, which was ideal for building a business around there. I made numerous associations through my local acquaintances, which assisted my company with developing and become more fruitful because of individuals who trusted in me.

How did you pivot during the pandemic?

The business that I began in August of 2019 is repetitive in nature. Cold weather months are moderate; however, stir gets in spring and stays occupied until fall. My thought was to launch classes in the late summer of 2019, promote and get ready to start the bustling season in the Spring of 2020. In any case, as of March 2020, COVID hit, and the whole world began to go into lockdown, including Canada. My business endured a ton. All the cash that was put resources into the organization couldn't be recuperated as there was no work.

Moreover, we had commitments to pay rent and insurance. There was uncertainty and anxiety, but I kept making my payments as committed because of the hope of keeping my new business alive. There seemed no end to the lockdown. The lockdown was finally lifted in August; I made sure that my clients will feel safe doing business with me. Ensuring that WHO and the Government of Ontario's guidelines are followed at the bare minimum, the in-class portion of the MTO-approved Basic Driver Education course was offered remotely via one of the remote conferencing portals. When the physical classrooms were opened eventually to the in-person teaching, the classroom was sanitized every day in the morning before students came in. Each student's forehead temperature was recorded and ensured that it was within the recommended range of normalcy. The students were required to use a hand sanitizer before entering. The classroom was frequently sanitized several times during the day. All present were required to have a face mask/covering at all times and maintain a distance of two meters. The student and teacher desks were all placed two meters apart to ensure safety. Similar precautions were observed for the in-car sessions; the car was sanitized before and after each student session. The forehead temperature using a contactless thermometer was recorded and ensured was within the normal range as recommended by various health agencies. The student and instructor both required face masks in order for the session to proceed.

Additionally, the instructor would also wear a face shield. The use of hand sanitizer and sanitizing of the car ensured that no student ever reported that they fell sick in my car. Screening records were maintained to make sure if any report of any sickness originating through the school property was reported, all concerned who could have been exposed, be informed in a timely manner.

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Written by :- Vandana Bhatt