Local Parent Survey:- The Truth About Back to School And Covid, what would you choose to do?

8607 Editor's Say : 09 Oct 2020

It takes a village to raise a child and we are all in this together.

Local Parent Survey:- The Truth About Back to School And Covid, what would you choose to do?

The terror of second wave is hovering over, there is uncertainty out there. COVID in 2020 took us back to world war- 2 times, the entire calendar of events was cancelled this year. 2020 is the year of pins and needles, parents, students, and teachers are agitated about the new academic year. Since March, all schools across the world shut down and new mediums of learning were introduced to students, it was hard on teachers part who went through rigorous training protocols to teach their beloved students online. Parents dealt with their own misery of managing the household, work stuff, habituating, and transforming their day on an entirely new phenomenon that they had never dealt with. Suddenly, one day, everyone felt trammeled by the widespread.

Months passed and six months later, after flattening the curve the Provincial Governments across Canada permitted to open the doors to elementary and secondary students. The students are divided into class cohorts, hundreds of teachers and nurses have been recruited to ensure the safe passage and successful reopening of schools. The pivots continue and it has been made mandatory for the students, staff, and teachers to wear masks at school.

Parents have a choice whether to send their kids to school or not. Some have chosen to send their kids to school in-person, and some opted for online education. There could be numbers of reasons to decide, most of the parents work, some dont have any choice but to send their kids off to school. Some are working from home and chose to keep kids at home to avoid any transmission. Some have elderly parents and dont want to risk them. Some have prone and pre-medical conditions, and some worry about their kids staying in masks for the entire day. Many believe the safe physical distancing couldnt be maintained in school premises.

Nothing replaces in person school education. Health officials are keeping a close watch at schools and public nurses are available for the safety of all students. The teachers wear PPE throughout the day and in and out of the classrooms. Washrooms only allow 2 students at a time; water fountains have been closed for the year. The staircases have been separated for only entry and only exit purposes. Parents can drop kids outside the school grounds with the masks on. Children can remove their masks during recess and outdoor breaks.

In a recent survey done by Indo Canadian Club for Halton Parents, parents sending their children to school mentioned kids were happier in school. Parents are required to use the new Self-assessment school screening tool every morning before sending off their kids to school, they have been encouraged to walk or ride. Buses are professionally cleaned twice a day.

This survey is about how many parents are sending their kids to school and how many have chosen online education this Fall?

  • I am sending my children to in-person school lessons. We are working parents. I believe kids are safe at school and they belong there. Im happy with my childrens first week of in-person school classes.
  • I choose to keep my kids safe at home with online learning. Online lessons for my children were rewarding and we are happy with our decision.
  • I am looking at options that will look at November enrolment back in school depending on the circumstances.
  • We are working parents but opted for online education, I have made alternate arrangements for them.
  • We have elderly parents at home, online education is the best option for us at the moment.

Around 50% people who participated in the survey mentioned they are keeping their kids home for online education, 45% are happy that they are sending their children to school.There are 5% who have disenrolled their kids from school and obtained home schooling and are happy with the results.

Some Quotes from Parents:-

- One mother mentioned, It takes a village to raise kids. I sent my SK to school because the school is my support system. Teachers have the superpower to teach-thats what they do best. I felt confident that they would find creative ways to engage students all while doing their best to keep themselves and students safe. (They have done an incredible job). As an essential worker myself, (who works 12+ hours of rotating shifts), I dont have the energy to make/deliver creative lesson plans that will meet my childs learning needs. I sent my SK to school because the teachers and support staff are my village. Whatever you have chosen must suit your children and family.

- We are very unhappy with online learning. So disappointed in most teachers. Being online they need to step their game up. For the first time, parents are getting a first-hand glance at how they work and I can honestly say the good ones stand out and the others, sadly don't.

- I am 6 months pregnant and a nurse who is already exposed to a COVID testing site. Will have a newborn come January and felt it was safer being home. Plus with my daughter's anxiety, she really felt she couldn't handle wearing a mask all day.

- We are both working parents and continue to work full time while keeping our kids safe.

- Really don't know which option to pick. Since none applys to our situation.Since both of us are kind of working from home in the day time.

- Husband working from home and my work hours are from 3-8, We still decided to send our son to school who is in grade 11. In my opinion, Nothing replaces in person school education. Off course,we are taking all the precautions. We have educated our son enough for him to know how important it is to maintain social distancing and follow all the guidelines given by Health Canada.

- Disenrolled kids (jk and gr 1) from school board (hcdsb) and I am homeschooling them

- I work @ school and my daughter is also going to school. They are taking good sanitizing protocols and social distancing in the class. My daughter is happy to be at school.

Here are some home remedies for working parents and students going to school: -

  • Encourage handwashing in and outside of the household.
  • Keep 1-2 extra masks for children in school bag for them to change and wash them each night to reuse the next day.
  • Make a habit of washing all outside clothes after coming back home.
  • Take steam after coming back from outside or at night.
  • Practice gargling with kids every night.
  • Add honey lemon to your meal plan to boost immunity.
  • Boil water with basil, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, add honey and sip it like tea.

This pandemic has shown us something we had never experienced before. Lets take each day with positivity and hope there will be a better future for us and our children.