Launch of "The Killing Lead" by Prafulla Vyas

5742 Featured : 15 Aug 2022

Prafulla Vyas publishes her debut book, "The Killing Lead." The cozy mystery starts from the bridge game in the library to multiple murders in the small town of Belford. If you like a thriller, this is something you should read this summer.

Launch of "The Killing Lead" by Prafulla Vyas

There's a new author on the block for who age is just a number. You can achieve everything you set your heart on, proves Prafulla Vyas, a retired Special Education Teacher from Milton, Ontario. Nothing is impossible if you set your intention and work towards it wholeheartedly. Prafulla has recently published her debut book, "The Killing Lead," on Kindle Publication and Amazon, where the readers can listen to the audiobook or get cozy on the couch with paperbacks from Amazon. So much enthusiam, dedication and professionalism, Prafulla has been an inspitarion among her friends.

Prafulla's a part of Milton Publirary Library's Writer's Circle and Mississauga Writer Circle and Poetry group. Her short story was published on Indo-Canadian Club's website a few years ago. Her poem was shortlisted among the best five on Spillwords in the month of May. She's an excellent writer, who sets extensive scenes, plots, and magnificent catchy descriptions which transport you straight to the other world. Prafulla moved to Milton from Mississauga after her husband died of cancer. She was born in India and moved to Malawi, an East African country, as a child. Later her family moved to Canada, where she raised her children.

Prafulla loves reading and writing and creating interesting characters out of the blue. She started writing as a hobby, but her friends loved it when she wrote short stories. It gave her the idea to take a plunge into Cozy Murder Mysteries. She is inspired by Agatha Christie- the queen of mysteries. Her other favorite authors are R.K.Narayan, Somerset Maugham, Daphne du Maurier and John Steinbeck. More recent ones are Rohinton Mistry and Alka Joshi.

To ward off her loneliness, Prafulla plays bridge and writes cozy mysteries. She spends hours on her balcony plotting out sinister characters and amateur sleuths. She loves English cottages, roses, lilacs, peach tarts, dogs, and cats. Her mind gets creative in the morning when she puts all her imagination into paper.


The time taken to write and publish "The Killing Lead" took Prafulla almost two years. The story flows as below (synopsis);

Widowed at the young age of 70, Clarence Taylor moves to the peaceful English village of Belford in search of companionship and a bridge partner. Who would have imagined that her quest for happiness would lead her down a winding road of suspense, intrigue, and murder?
When her best friend goes missing, and her love interest is accused of fatal poisoning, Clarence finds herself thrust into the middle of a deadly situation.
A killer is loose in Belford, and the inspector has arrested an innocent man.
Will Clarence prove his innocence and catch the real killer before it's too late?
Most importantly, will she find a satisfactory bridge partner?

You can order her book by clicking this link on Amazon,


Prafulla is already working on the second book in the series. We can expect some more drama and mystery soon. If you like her book, please leave helpful suggestions through reviews or on her author page. She would be delighted to hear from you

We wish Prafulla all the best for the upcoming book series and all the new books she is looking to publish in the future.