How Financial Planners are accessing 2020, tells Brandon Parkes

Despite all the shootings, Covid lockdowns, death and dismay, there have been some silver linings to it all.

How Financial Planners are accessing 2020, tells Brandon Parkes

2020 has been a GREAT year.

As a local Financial Planner in Milton, the events of 2020 have sparked a number of great new conversations. Funny how it takes an incident or event to encourage people to reach out, or even just have a simple conversation that they likely should have had years ago. Great service is needed and unfortunately been missed by so many. It takes an event like this to truly show how important and valuable it is to have someone in your corner looking out for YOUR best interests.

Im very fortunate to have a vast number of tools and resources at my disposal, as well as a team of specialists behind me that have allowed me to help a number of families in and around town. With increasing house prices, decreasing interest rates, cash flow changes to many households, there have been a wealth of opportunities uncovered. Never in my life have I heard I never thought of that, I didnt know you could do that, or why did nobody ever tell me that so many times over.

Creating a Financial Plan isnt about who can get you the best return. Nobody knows with complete certainty. Nobody has found that crystal ball yet. Its about discussing YOUR goals and concerns and creating a framework so you and your family have peace of mind, knowing that your actions and decisions are the best for you, your goals, your timelines and the things that are most important to you.

As someone who personally was mortgage free at 32 (That was my goal at the time. This would actually be unwise in todays environment), and now owes more money than I ever have (yet I have never been in better financial shape), I truly believe that the value of having EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE in all areas of your life is paramount to a healthy and stress free life. We have enough to worry about with kids (Ive got 3 under 3) aging parents, our careers and health. We should be able to be confident enough to discuss our finances and goals, and have the peace of mind to be able to say Ive got a great guy (or girl) that I know has my back, will ask me the questions I am not supposed to have thought of, and have answers for those that I have.

Id be happy to give anyone a professional second opinion on their positions and investments, or simply have a conversation to get to know them better and discuss some of their goals.
Stay safe!

Brandon Parkes

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