Winter Hike in Kelso Conservation Halton

10419 Editor's Say : 17 Jan 2021

All seven parks of Conservation Halton stay open during the lockdown. The reservation can be done through their website, you can book 2 hours in advance and enjoy the serenity. Invest in your health and spend time outdoors with family this season. Please note that you are only allowed with members in your household !

Winter Hike in Kelso Conservation Halton

Ontario is under STAY AT HOME orders for 28 days, schools are closed, and people are encouraged to work from home. You can only go out for groceries, health appointments, work, or exercise. We're glad that outdoor walks are still considered essential. Conservation Halton and seven parks stay open during the lockdown with health and safety protocols. We're fortunate that the weather is permitting us to traverse the be-wilderness this winter. We try to take advantage of the great temperatures while it still lasts to complete a few steps outside in our neighborhood a few times a week. It is almost a year since were indoors and the lockdown doesn't seem to end, and exercising is crucial to maintain the sanity of body and mind.

There is a bit of something for everybody at Kelso. Kelso wonderful to visit in any season (you should perceive how the slope changes in each season), yet there is additionally such a huge amount to do: outdoors, picnicking, mountain trekking, a ski slope, stand-up paddleboards, swimming, and even films under the stars! You're not dispossessed of decision when you visit Kelso Conservation Area. When ice shows up on the slope, the snow firearms are blowing new powder onto Glen Eden. Kelso changes from a mountain trekking and family fun center into a ski slope with 15 runs and three landscape park run.

We've been living in the foothills of Escarpment for over 8 years and have visited a few parks but never ventured the trails. Kids were small, and we were consistently hesitant to venture outside in winters. We chose to invest in the yearly pass of Conservation Halton today, so we could investigate the trails of each of the seven parks over time with kids. To visit any of the parks, you have to book your spot ahead of time through their website, you can book a timeslot of 2 hours in advance. Your entrance is legitimate is just for 2 hours which is sufficient to complete a trail with kids. We have been checking the website since a week ago and found that they get booked really fast. It is hard to book ultimately because they only permit a couple of individuals to enter.

You may have visited Kelso many times but have you explored all the trails? Kelso was the first Conservation park, we had visited since we moved to Milton, however, we discovered a new trail over the mountains. If you go straight on Steels, instead of taking a right on Tremaine, just keep moving further, you will find another gate for Kelso Conservation that takes you to various trails over the mountain. This is summit location that is best for hiking and biking. The parking is free for visitors, we were allocated a QR Code for our reservation that was checked at the gate as we entered the wild region of Kelso Conservation. The path was a bit sloppy today due to warm temperatures, as the snow had melted, winter boots are mandatory. The 29 km area of walking trails, makes it a scenic adventurous playground.

To reserve your spot, you can visit and book directly. Happy Hiking!

An annual pass for a family for unlimited entry to all 7 parks in Halton is only $135/-