Milton Woman's Journey from a Seamstress to Clinic Manager and well known Esthetician- Usha Sharma

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Today, Usha is a well-known name to the feminine locality of Milton. Here is her journey from a Seamstress to a well-trusted Esthetician of Milton Community, she has a diverse clientele and the best reviews.

Milton Woman's Journey from a Seamstress to Clinic Manager and well known Esthetician- Usha Sharma

The town of Milton has grown exponentially over the years and were happy to share stories of some inspiring people who endeavoured to accomplish their dreams. Usha Sharma came to Canada as an Immigrant and confronted numerous challenges. One thing, that she always believed was to trust her guts and stop for nothing.

Usha works as a Clinic Manager and runs her Spa business. She always believed in her dreams and wanted to be independent.

Usha says, My journey to my freedom started in the late 80s, came to Canada when I was only 19. I became a mother of twins at 21. I came from a culture of arranged marriage and was expected to be a perfect daughter in law and mother. I was always feeling that there was a lot more for me to achieve just than to be a household person.

Once the children started school, I was free to work on my dreams. My first challenge was where and how to start? No idea how to take the bus, where to go? Afraid to ask family for help, they might refuse. Checked in the newspaper for jobs, called the companies. Asked for directions, took the public transit. Finally, landed in my first job as, sewing machine operator. The family did not agree to it, but all I wanted to learn and grow.

It was all about balance, to making sure family gets all attention and to work toward my dreams as well. My ability to learn quickly got me a leading hand in another company just after a year, as I was very tech-savvy. I learned how to fix sewing machines, learned about product creation. Which took me to next level, which was training the staff. Within 5 years, I became a supervisor to handle all responsibilities of production planning. During these times, I suffered a lot from discrimination.

Being a woman, being brown, working in a man dominated world, lots of harassment to work in a multicultural environment. In my last job, I was told straight to my face that it was sure to accept the job, as multiple groups in the establishment will compel me to leave within a week. I accepted that challenge and worked till the last day until the establishment closed forever.

During these years, I was ready to go back to school. I wondered what would happen if these establishments close, I decided to take my Esthetic diploma. I was so happy to take the first step toward my dream, but dreams cannot be achieved instantly. They come with a challenge. One of my children met an emergency, it was between life and death. But with the support of my family, I was able to stay strong. We took care of the child, worked full time, attended the school. I made sure that my child gets proper care.

I was not only struggling financially but emotionally as well. But there is a cost for dreams that your pay to enjoy them later. Every challenge made me so strong that I did not quit.

After starting my Esthetic business in 2007, I started to add more services and grew a lot. I also thought about plan B if the business does not go well, then what should be my next step. I took the Medical Office Administration Diploma. I got a job at the family doctors offices. But my quick learning and leadership quality took me to next level. Today I manage a specialist office. I have a business.

During this pandemic time when business was closed, I had the job to support myself. I was so happy to take these decisions.Today I have the skills of a seamstress, upholsterer, office admin, and medical Esthetician. All this became possible with the support of my family and my hard work thru these life challenges. One thing I learned that never quit in life no matter what. Always think of growing.

I was able to save a 2-year-old child. Did lots of volunteer work for MADD, for which I got an appreciation award from Toronto Police, says Usha.

Bliss Body Care Spa ensures the clients are happy with the service. Usha believes in hard work and to provide and build enduring relationships with all her clients through knowledge, wellness, and care and superior services. Usha has satisfied clients, she provides beauty services such as waxing, facials to name a few. Usha is very passionate about treating her clients with different skin types through the knowledge and experience she has acquired over the years. Usha received her certification in Medical Esthetics in 2013.

She only uses Medical grade Health Canada approved laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation device. This provides the best results with a cool tip for maximum comfort.

During this difficult time of COVID-19 Bliss Body Care is fully committed and taking precautionary measures with PPE and contact tracing. No compromise for the safety and wellbeing of clients.

Today, Bliss Body Care Spa provides services such as Threading, Waxing, Facials, chemical peels, Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning, Micro-needling, laser hair removal, skin tightening to name a few.

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