If you have not been to the Milton Farmers Market, you still have 2 weeks to experience Fresh and Organic experience

8609 Videos : 26 Sep 2020

The Milton Farmers market runs till the Thanksgiving weekend

Autumn's first weekend was perfect to explore the local Milton's farmer market. Farmer's markets are a great way to support the local economy and boost local businesses. When we buy the produce from the big stores which are mostly imported from other countries, we are actually helping the other economies grow instead of our own. So, let's support our local farmers and the local produce. Fruits and vegetable bought from these markets are fresh and organic, it promotes good health.

Meeting friends and families in the market is another way to socialize. There are tons of cooked meals available to consume by local vendors, it could be fun to spend a nice morning with some scrumptious breakfast. Farmer market starts on Victoria day weekend and runs till Thanksgiving weekend, every Saturday from 8am-12 noon. There are only 2 Saturdays till the season is over so let's get together and support the community.

This year, the farmer's market has made its home to the Milton Fair Grounds.

Parking is free and there are sanitizing stations on the entrance and exit.