There could be only two possibilities, either you are a Miltonian or you want to be one- Mayor Gordon Krantz

1447 Editor's Say : 03 Oct 2020

Indo Canadian club launches a new website in Milton, proud to be a Miltonian

There could be only two possibilities, either you are a Miltonian or you want to be one- Mayor Gordon Krantz

Milton is one of the fastest growing communities in Canada. People from various creed, color and races have chosen Milton as their home. It is astounding to see how this small town has grown to be much of a city now in past decade. We first visited Milton in the summer of 2010 to visit a relative and in January 2012, we bought a house in this lovely town. Milton is a big community where people are kind and support each other. You are standing in a queue and suddenly someone in front of you, pays your bills, I have not seen it anywhere in the world.

As a child, I lived in a community, our doors were never closed during the day. There were ladies over tea every afternoon sitting on the porch, munching on snacks and children playing freely on streets. I came from a very religious family and was actively involved in cultural activities at school. I was a buzzy social bee. I found the similar opportunities in Milton and soon we decided to bring the Indian community together through events. We also hosted big events like KidsMegafest for the entire Milton community which brought 5000 people together in 2 days, along with other charity events.

We are now launching a full-fledged website for Indians in Milton and all over Canada. Our aim is to help and support the Indian community while We have made tons of true friends through these events and hoping our initiative will bring more and more people together. Canada is a land of Immigrants, for Indians and most of the other Nationalities, Canada is the new haven and has been over the past 50 years. Leaving our loved ones behind and not able to visit them back home brings homesickness especially during the gloomy winter days. We are fortunate Canada gives us freedom of speech and practice our religion and culture oceans across. There are several examples of Indian immigrants who have made a fortune only after landing in this marvelous land. In this time of Social media, let us support the new and the old and put them amongst the happy citizens of the nation. Indo-Canadian Club will be promoting local events, businesses, and people through the new platform.

Covid has brought more of distress in the world. Lets cheer everyone up and share some inspiring and wonderful stories to the rest of the community. If you have any interesting story, you would like us to publish, please email it to