Indo Canadian Club is a networking group for all Indians living in Canada to meet, network, interact and benefit. This is an effort to bring the entire Indian community of all religions living in Canada together.

An initiative of first-generation immigrants to build and develop cultural values among the rest of the community. An attempt to keep Indian tradition alive to pass it on to the next generations to come.

The Indo-Canadian club features Indians from various sectors, their journey, struggles, and achievements in Canada. Read motivating stories of individuals who landed on Canadian soil to explore new horizons for themselves and their families. Get to know some of the oldest immigrants in the Indian community and see how their endeavors in a foreign land turned into forever loving home country. Get to know the cultured and those who broke stereotypes.

The Indo-Canadian club has been organizing community events in Southern Ontario for the past few years. The Indo-Canadian Club website focuses on cities and regions of Canada, promoting Indian businesses and people to the rest of the world.