How safe are our children in their school in Milton? MPP Parm Gill tells Indo Canadian Club

Targeted investments will maximize the safety and wellbeing of Ontario’s students, teachers, and staff.

How safe are our children in their school in Milton? MPP Parm Gill tells Indo Canadian Club

Parm Gill, Member of Provincial Parliament for Milton, is a diligent advocate for public safety and maintaining equality in the community and Ontario.

Prior to his work in public service,Parmwas involved in numerous family businesses in the manufacturing and hospitality industries.Parm studied at the IveySchool of Business at Western University, earning his Master of Business Administration degree.

Currently, Parm is the Parliamentary Assistant for Housing to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. He is also a contributing member of the Standing Committee on Justice Policy and Government Agencies.

Parm is working hard to achieve a safer Ontario. As a resident of Milton, he is committedto working tirelessly for his constituents.

Indo Canadian club in discussion with Miltons MPP, Parm Gill.

Indo Canadian Club: - We are sendingour children for in-person lessons at school, with 2 breakouts in elementary and secondary schools how safe is our child?

MPP Parm Gill: - Ontarios school reopening guidelines were created in partnership with the health care experts at our COVID-19 Command Table and supported by Ontarios Chief Medical Officer of Health.

It is a plan that includes hundreds of millions of dollars for more teachers and teaching assistances to keep student cohorts low, along with more custodians and cleaning supplies, enhanced testing, contact tracing and surveillance, PPE, and the hiring of up to 625 additional public health nurses.

These targeted investments will maximize the safety and wellbeing of Ontarios students, teachers, and staff.

Indo Canadian Club: - Coming fall the restaurant patios will be closed for guests, what is the government plan for businesses running during fall and winter to meet the costs?

MPP Parm Gill: - Ontarios COVID-19 Response Action Plan made $10 billion available for businesses through tax and other deferrals. Also, Ontario announced a suite of initiatives to support Ontarios electricity consumers, including $8 million investment to support small businesses and charities through the COVID-19 Energy Assistance Program for Small Business.

We are also working in partnership with the Federal Government to provide commercial rent assistance, which covers 75 percent of their rent.

Indo Canadian Club: - What are the plans for Halloween in Milton this year, what can people expect?

MPP Parm Gill: - At this time, plans for Halloween will be determined by the Region and/or the municipality. Should Halloween festivities be deemed appropriate, all gatherings would be subject to limitations in place, along with proper public health and safety protocols.

Indo Canadian Club: - Flu vaccine seems to be highly in demand this year, will Milton have enough stocks for the residents?

MPP Parm Gill: - With the flu and cold season approaching, Ontario is investing $30 million to implement the largest flu immunization campaign in our history.

Indo Canadian Club: - What are your expectations from Miltonians in terms of containing the virus?

MPP Parm Gill: - Our expectation is that everyone in Milton and across Ontario abide by public health protocols in place like public gathering limitations, practicing physical distancing, wearing a mask, washing their hands regularly, and staying within their social bubble.

Indo Canadian Club: - Seeing the growing cases in Peel and Toronto, what is your advice to Miltonians?

MPP Parm Gill: - With the unfortunate increase in confirmed cases of COVID-19, we are continuing to ask everyone follow public health protocols that are in place, self-monitor using the self-assessment tool, test tested regularly, and self-isolate as appropriate.